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Giving Power To People Against Big Banks

Facing a suit by a bank is overwhelming. You feel helpless against their power and authority. Your home and financial stability are at stake. Rawdon & Cantrill Attorneys At Law understands how you feel. He knows what you are up against and has a proven track record of effectively assisting clients who are up against big banks and lending companies. Call Rawdon Law Office today.

Fighting Back Against Lender Liability

As a skilled attorney, Mr. Rawdon understands the complexities involved with holding lenders accountable for their liabilities. You’ve worked hard for your home, and as a fellow member of the community, he wants to help you fight back.

Lender liability (when a bank owes you money) may occur when the bank:

  • Breaches a fiduciary relationship with you
  • Breaches or breaks a contract
  • Is negligent in handling your accounts and business
  • Commits fraud
  • Requires you to do business with other bank customers or employees
  • Tells you how to run your business
  • Does not follow bank regulations
  • Adds hidden fees

Knowledgeable In Theories Of Liability

If you have been sued or had a foreclosure suit filed against your home by a bank or lending company, you can fight back. Were you current on your mortgage and loan? Do you feel the bank or finance company was not fair to you or did not deal with you in good faith? Your hometown lawyer has your back! He will examine your case and implement a unique strategy tailored to fight on your behalf.

Instances of lender liability include:

  • Failure to honor commitment
  • Failure to renew a loan
  • Improper default notices
  • Improper foreclosures
  • Fraud or extortion
  • Improper guarantee enforcement
  • Wrongful interference
  • Fiduciary duty breach

Aggressive Representation In Your Corner

Banking litigation is like training for a marathon. You need someone who is willing to go the distance, and has the stamina to never give up. Contact Mr. Rawdon at his Georgetown office today to enlist just that person. Call 502-316-6509. As a Kentucky native, he is here to help the community he loves.