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You Can Stand Up To Banks

Your home and financial stability are important to you and your family. Banks and lenders often make mistakes and take out their errors on their customers. Don’t be complacent with their demands. If your bank or lender made a mistake and is treating you unfairly, you can fight back.

Take action with experienced legal counsel by your side. At Rawdon & Cantrill Attorneys At Law, founding attorney Richard Rawdon will use his experience and cutting-edge knowledge to fight alongside you. Mr. Rawdon has assisted clients throughout central Kentucky against banking institutions that wrongfully attempted to foreclose on homes. As a foreclosure lawyer, he was able to make the banks pay his clients over $3 million in settlements. He is ready, fit and willing to help you in your battle against the bank.

What Steps Should You Take?

Any time you work with a lender or bank, you are up against a system that is hugely powerful and has already handled thousands of cases like yours. Fortunately, you can take steps to hold banks and lenders accountable.

What should you do?

  • Keep copies of everything. Maintain a file with your paperwork and any letters sent to you. Make sure that you ask for copies of all pages presented to you — even pages you didn’t sign.
  • Document any communication. Keep a log of all communication you have with the bank and any associated collection agencies. Create a typed transcript detailing any oral conversations.
  • Get detailed information about whom you speak with. If you receive a call or talk to someone in person, always get the name, employee ID, phone extension, supervisor’s name and extension and where they are located.
  • Document all payments. Keep a record showing proof of payments. Get copies of checks or a transaction log from your bank detailing the money exchange. The bank may refuse to accept your payment. Keep a copy of your payment and escrow the money so you will have it when you make the payment.
  • Contact an attorney. Immediately contact a lawyer. You will want someone who can advise you and prepare to build a case on your behalf.

Get Justice, Compassion And Peace Of Mind

Don’t let a bank’s breach of contract become your nightmare. Contact our office in Georgetown to see how Rawdon & Cantrill Attorneys At Law can help. Call us at 502-316-6509 and put your trust in your own backyard. You can also contact us online by sending an email.