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AAA: Sleepy driving causes a tenth of auto accidents

When discussing distracted driving, texting and alcohol often take center stage. However, these are not the only things that can impair driving. Fatigue also plays a major role in many Kentucky crashes, although it might not receive as much attention.

A new AAA study shows just how dangerous sleepy driving has become. Before this study, federal estimates only assumed that drowsiness caused one out of every 100 accidents. In fact, the AAA study found that about one out of every ten crashes involves fatigue.

Signs you’ve suffered a brain injury in a car accident

Unfortunately, car accident injuries are a fact of life. According to the CDC, every year Americans spend more than 1 million days in the hospital from motor vehicle accident injuries. On top of that, annual crash injuries result in roughly $18 billion in lifetime medical costs.

While you may think of injuries as only happening in serious wrecks, sometimes minor fender benders can result in significant health issues. One such instance of this is brain injuries, which aren’t always readily apparent, and can be caused by even a slight impact or jolt.

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