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Understanding the dangers of lane splitting

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Lane splitting is the practice of motorcycles moving between lanes. It endangers everyone, despite reducing traffic congestion and travel time for two-wheeled travelers.

Bikers need to recognize the reasons that make lane splitting so treacherous. People in other vehicles should also remember that motorcyclists around them could be engaging in such activity.

Limited maneuverability

Splitting lanes puts motorcyclists and other drivers frighteningly close to each other. This tightness reduces the margin of error for all. A slight swerve, an unexpected stop or a door opening is more likely to lead to an accident. These incidents can cause severe injuries, especially to bike riders who have less protection than those in enclosed vehicles.

Reduced visibility

Motorcyclists already face visibility challenges, as helmets limit their lines of sight. When they split lanes, their ability to see what is around them decreases further. They may move into the blind spots of others more frequently. Commuters might not notice the rider until after it is too late.

Startling other drivers

The sudden appearance of a motorcycle between lanes can surprise motorists, leading to panicked reactions. A car could swerve, brake suddenly or abruptly change lanes. These responses can lead to chain reaction collisions that affect multiple carloads.

Legal restrictions

In many regions, lane splitting is against the law. Those who engage in the habit can receive fines and penalties if caught. That bans exist reflects the jeopardy inherent in riding between lanes. Bikers are responsible for any wrecks stemming from their recklessness.

Lane splitting comes with significant risks. When someone gets hurt because of another person’s wayward actions, the individual acting unsafely is the one who should pay.