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Windy weather and traffic accident risks

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

You should pay close attention to traffic accident risk factors behind the wheel, from low visibility to traffic congestion, fatigue and distractions. It is also important to go over other risks that can increase the chances of a collision, such as wind. Windy weather can result in a car crash for various reasons, and it is always smart to pay attention to weather conditions before driving and behind the wheel.

It is important to recognize that reckless driving becomes particularly dangerous during windy conditions and other types of inclement weather.

Wind and traffic accidents

The Federal Highway Administration outlines the traffic accident risks attributed to strong winds. For example, wind can lead to poor visibility as a result of wind-driven dust, smoke or snow. Aside from making it harder to see the road and other vehicles, wind can also adversely affect vehicle stability and create hazards on the road, such as snow drifts, knocking tree branches down and blowing debris around.

Wind can become particularly dangerous in certain areas, such as bridges, and for large trucks and other types of vehicles.

The impact of wind-related accidents

The FHWA states that weather-related accidents account for about 21% of all traffic accidents on an annual basis. Wind and other types of adverse weather cause more than 418,000 people to become hurt and result in almost 5,000 deaths during an average year.

In the wake of a wind-related traffic collision, you could have significant physical, financial and mental challenges to overcome, and it is essential to focus on your recovery.