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What are signs of possible nerve injuries?

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Getting hurt can create many kinds of health problems. Some, such as bleeding wounds and broken bones, are obvious. Others may manifest later and could seem minor at first before they turn serious, such as signs of nerve damage.

The Cleveland Clinic explains that since nerves control your body functions, there are various ways you might learn you have sustained damage to your nervous system.

Trouble with sensation

Your nerves help you feel solid surfaces, air, temperature and other sensations. When your nerve signals have problems transmitting sensations to your brain, you could feel tingling in your limbs. Complete impairment of these signals usually causes numbness.

Sensation is also important to help you orient yourself. If your body cannot keep track of the position of your limbs, you could have trouble picking up objects or even stumble and fall.

Trouble with muscles

Since nerves control muscle movement, unexplained motion problems can indicate a nerve injury. Examples include muscle shrinkage, weakness and cramps. Nerve damage can go as far as to create paralysis, meaning you cannot move parts of your body at all.

Trouble with other body functions

Nerve damage may affect body actions that you do not consciously control. Your blood pressure could go up or down. You might start sweating profusely or not at all. Your vision could blur. Nerve injury can also impact your bowels and bladder, and even cause impairment of intimate activities.

Getting a medical examination could reveal the true seriousness of your condition. You should know that your symptoms will not get worse and lead to permanent health problems or even death.