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Understanding liability and accountability after a truck accident

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2023 | Truck Accidents |

Semi-truck accidents often lead to catastrophic property damage and medical injuries. Following an accident with a commercial truck, you may want to pursue a case for compensation. With complexities surrounding the roles of the trucking company, driver and manufacturer, who should you file the claim against?

Consider a few things as you determine who to file your claim against.

What caused the accident?

Determining accountability starts with understanding what caused the accident. Mechanical failure, for example, leads to different conclusions than driver error. The police report includes information to help you assess the cause of the accident.

Was there a mechanical issue?

If a mechanical issue caused the accident, you might hold the manufacturer or the fleet service technician accountable. Original equipment failing due to complications overlooked or dismissed by the manufacturer may lead to manufacturer liability. Claims against the fleet service technician happen as a result of blatant negligence on the technician’s part. Technician negligence includes failure to replace a malfunctioning part or misrepresenting the service performed.

Was the driver responsible?

Commercial truck drivers have demanding jobs and spend long hours on the road. Federal regulations limit their consecutive driving hours. Dash cameras and logbooks record necessary break times and driving habits. These records can uncover a driver exceeding hours, driving while distracted or behaving irresponsibly. A company placing unrealistic deadlines on their drivers or hiring unqualified drivers may share liability for an accident.

Consider these factors as you review your situation to determine liability. Hold the proper person accountable to get the compensation you deserve.