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How do TBIs affect your behavior?

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2021 | Personal Injury |

After suffering from a blow to the head, you likely also suffer from at least some form of brain injury. The most severe of these are traumatic brain injuries (TBI), which can affect everything about your life.

But most people focus on a TBI’s impact on your memory or physical health. Not as many focus on behavioral changes, which can often serve as one of the biggest adjustments a sufferer must make.

What affects behavioral changes

According to Mayo Clinic, the impact of TBIs is often multi-pronged. As mentioned, it can impact your memory, your physical health and your overall ability to function well in daily life. But many people do not realize that it can also affect your personality and behavior.

The types of changes and their severity depend on several factors. This can include things like your overall physical and mental health, the physical state of your brain before the hit, where the hit happened and how much force was behind it.

What changes are most common?

But some signs have a higher rate of occurrence than others. For example, many sufferers experience a heightened sense of agitation. They may feel and act more aggressively in general and towards others. This can include snapping and yelling at loved ones, or displaying more of a temper than before.

Impulse control also takes a hit. Many TBI sufferers find themselves saying or doing things before thinking it through. This can result in dangerous actions and hurt feelings.

It is also common to lose control of your ability to manage stressful situations. This can result in more emotional breakdowns, which can include anxiety attacks or bouts of crying, even in public. All of these issues can contribute to an inability to work as you used to. This is why many victims seek compensation for the incident, allowing them to pay for medical support even if they cannot work.