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What do you know about pedestrian safety tips?

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

To get some fresh air and exercise, you occasionally walk to nearby destinations in Kentucky. No matter how short your trip, you must adhere to pedestrian safety tips to stay safe. 

To help you avoid a personal injury, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration offers ways for walking travelers to remain unharmed. Enjoy the great outdoors and stay fit while avoiding altercations with motorists. 

Cross safely

Rather than cross in the middle of the road, look for a crosswalk or intersection. Drivers expect to see people on foot crossing the street in these specific places, and you should aim for becoming a predictable pedestrian. If you do not see an intersection or crosswalk, find a brightly lit patch of road to cross. No matter how you get to the other side, keep your eyes peeled in all directions for cars. 

Stay visible

Whenever you walk, make sure that drivers see you walking. Consider investing in clothing with reflective material or bright colors so those behind the wheel easily see you. At night, carry a flashlight or flashing walking gear that drivers cannot miss. 

Do not make assumptions

Even if you have the right of way, make eye contact with drivers to ensure that they see you. Motorists drive more distracted than ever, so even if they come to a complete stop at a light or stop sign, their phone, the radio or a billboard may distract them from seeing you trying to cross. On a related note, make sure that you do not walk distracted. 

Refresh yourself on safety tips before your next walk. A helpful reminder could keep you safe from avoidable harm.