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Richard M. Rawdon, Jr. Attorney At Law

Do you have a legal question, or are you looking for a lawyer, contact Mr. Rawdon today! Take advantage of his open-door policy, stop by his Kentucky office. His friendly staff is ready to assist you. Call 502-316-6509 for an appointment. Put your trust in your community lawyer; to him you are more than a number. You are a person in need, and he wants to help.

Your Dedicated Georgetown Law Firm

As a Georgetown native, Mr. Rawdon cares about the community. He established his firm so that he can offer services for all of the community's legal needs. You shouldn't have to go to a big-city lawyer who doesn't know you, and won't take the time to get to know you. Richard M. Rawdon is in your own backyard, and Mr. Rawdon will take the time to understand your goals, what is at stake and will fight on your behalf to resolve your legal need in the most efficient and effective way.

Mr. Rawdon is not afraid to go to trial, and has successfully litigated cases for 50 years. He offers comprehensive legal needs to the community, including services in the areas of family law, bankruptcy, criminal defense, lender liability and personal injury — but that's not all.

If you have a legal need, he can help.

Here For You No Matter What

Life is full of challenges. We are always growing, learning and adapting. Rawdon Law Office is a small-town firm that takes a unique approach to legal practice — one that closely mimics your everyday way of life. Mr. Rawdon has 50 years of legal experience, but he continues to grow, learn and adapt, both as a lawyer and as a person. Mr. Rawdon believes that to be an effective trial lawyer, you must be both physically and mentally fit. Because of this philosophy, attorney Rawdon is on the cutting edge of litigation techniques, and is always up-to-date with current laws. He also maintains a healthy lifestyle, exercising daily — preparing for the numerous marathons he runs. He reads fiction, history, biographies, legal books and stays abreast of daily news and politics so that he can best serve his community.

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