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Additional costs of an SCI to consider

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2023 | Personal Injury |

The aftermath of a spinal cord injury is one of long hospital stays, longer recoveries and often a lifetime’s worth of adjustment to a new normal. Hospital stays and physical therapy demand a lot of time and attention, alongside the financial burden many SCI victims experience.

When you seek support or compensation in the wake of an SCI, it can be helpful to understand the costs outside hard, financial numbers.

Financial costs

The financial costs of healthcare surrounding an SCI are high. Depending on the severity of yours, costs may range as high as $1.14 million for a high tetraplegia case.

Physical costs

An SCI typically impacts your body in a number of ways. Neurological damage may leave you with tingling, numbness and paralysis. Curves in the spine may impact your breathing and other aspects of your daily life.

Social costs

This disability frequently impacts an SCI victim’s ability to socialize. Some even experience divorce in the aftermath. While it is difficult to pin relationship fallout as a direct result of paralysis, struggling with social norms may impact support networks and mental wellness.

Mental costs

Depression impacts many Americans each year, though it appears to affect those in the SCI population more. As the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center reports, depression may affect up to 20% of the SCI population, versus the American average of 5%.

Pain and suffering, physical needs and mental struggles all cost you through your recovery. When seeking compensation, it is important to account for all aspects when pursuing your unique case.