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How can road rage lead to serious crashes?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When you are on the road, you may notice a vehicle closely following you and feel a surge of anxiety. Road rage, which often causes tailgating, is more than just bad driving. It tends to overwhelm a person and lead to them breaking rules.

Reckless driving can happen when people assume they can stay anonymous and act without any repercussions. Learning more about how car accidents happen due to these actions is important.

Continued focus and aggression

According to NBC News, an angry driver who follows one particular vehicle in order to intimidate them can turn or stop without warning. By ignoring other cars and trucks on the road, they put everyone in danger of a crash or rear-end accident.

While many drivers have a moment of frustration that goes away, continued road rage often leads to someone going out of their way to harm or scare another driver.

Ignored stoplights and road signs

When a driver with road rage tries to track another person down, they typically disregard red lights and stop signs in order to catch up with them. Not only can this lead to crashes at an intersection, but it can also make other drivers skid off the road.

Quick and unusual movements

Warning signs, like increased honking and yelling out their car window, may signal an angry person is seeking to cause more trouble. Suddenly switching lanes and even cutting across areas that are not roads are sometimes common ways to chase another person.

After an accident, realizing why road rage is so dangerous could help you decide what to do next.