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How are bone fractures treated?

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Fractured bones sometimes happen after slip and fall incidents, even when the fall is not from a particularly large height.

There are a number of different options available to those looking for a way to facilitate smooth healing, fortunately.

Casts and braces

OrthoInfo takes a look at fractures and how to handle them. There are a number of different options, with each having potential drawbacks and benefits designed to suit people in different life situations and with different levels of injury.

The option that suits an individual will depend on the severity of their fracture, the location, and more. Options range from immobilization to specific aids for mobility and healing.

A functional cast or brace, for example, will limit the movement of the joint. However, it still allows for some level of mobility. This is the go-to option in most fracture cases.

Fiberglass cast immobilization

Cast immobilization allows for doctors to realign a bone into a proper position. Using a fiberglass cast, the bone gets locked into place for optimum healing but minimal motion range.

External fixation

External fixation uses the implementation of screws or pins, which the surgeon directly inserts into the bone to keep pieces connected for maximum control over motion during healing. It is unfortunately common for skin injury and soft tissue damage to occur where the screw or pin attaches to the metal bar on the skin’s exterior, meaning this is a short term option.

There are many ways to help a fractured bone heal. The option chosen depends on the individual’s injury and their preferences for a recovery path.