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Can a car accident cause a stroke?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Of the many ailments that inflict humans, stroke is one of the more serious. Indeed, according to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, more than 17% of those who have a stroke die from the condition.

A stroke happens when an interruption of blood flow causes damage to the brain. While some individuals recover from their strokes, too many others die or have life-altering complications. Regrettably, a car accident can cause a stroke.


Even when they do not appear particularly serious, car accidents are stressful. The inherent stress from a car crash can cause weak blood vessels in the brain to rupture. If this happens, all parts of the brain might not receive an adequate supply of blood.


Even though they are more common in serious car accidents, strokes can occur during fender-benders. This is because common accident-associated injuries, such as whiplash, can increase a person’s chances of suffering a stroke. Put simply, any time there is trauma to the head, neck or upper torso, there is some stroke risk.

Complex trauma

Sustaining many acute injuries during a car crash can overwhelm the body. Complex trauma can trigger a stroke, as it often interrupts many bodily systems. If your car accident puts your heart in distress, lowers your blood pressure or impairs your liver or spleen, a stroke may be inevitable.

Ultimately, because you might not be able to identify a stroke until it has already caused substantial damage, it is advisable to go to the emergency room immediately after a car accident for a full workup.