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Why is internal bleeding so dangerous?

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2022 | Personal Injury |

After an auto accident, a person may seem perfectly fine, but there is a hidden injury that could kill if not discovered quickly.

Internal bleeding is a common result of trauma, according to WebMD. It occurs when something happens to tear blood vessels.


It may not always be clear that you have internal bleeding. It may take days before you start to notice something is wrong. After an auto accident, it is usually a good idea to seek treatment just to be safe.

In general, the symptoms of internal bleeding include bruising, swelling and pain. You may also faint due to blood loss or experience a severe headache.

Most deadly

Internal bleeding of any kind is dangerous. You must seek help to stop it, or you could bleed to death. But there are a few types that are the most deadly. These include bleeding in the brain, around the heart, in the lungs, or in the abdomen. In addition, certain blood vessel tears can be fatal, such as those to vessels in the heart.


The biggest concern with internal bleeding is the loss of blood, which can kill you. But the location of the injury is also important. For example, brain bleeds are serious because the blood fills the skull cavity and puts pressure on the brain, which can cause damage.

Because you cannot see internal bleeding, you have to be careful after an accident. You may feel fine and not even notice something is wrong right away, especially since you will likely be experiencing an adrenaline rush that will mask pain. The important thing is to see a doctor and get checked over to look for potential signs that something is wrong inside your body.