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What are some hidden physical signs of brain trauma?

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

While you could obviously notice broken bones after a pedestrian accident, one common injury may not be apparent right away.

Brain trauma can leave you struggling to do everyday tasks, like drive or go to work. Learning about the various signs of this injury may help if you are struggling.


According to the Mayo Clinic, continual moments of confusion or loss of consciousness can leave you feeling overwhelmed. You may not notice these signs until you become even more disoriented as time goes on, since some symptoms can appear a few days after an accident.

You could struggle to stay focused on one task, as well as have a variety of mood swings. It can be easy to blame these feelings on another source, which can make it even harder to pinpoint the fact brain trauma is causing it.


A change in your sleep patterns, whether that is significantly more time asleep or the opposite, could be a sign of brain trauma. A more serious brain injury may even make it hard for others to wake you from a nap or time asleep.

This kind of fatigue can leave you feeling continually agitated and frustrated. You may be dealing with headaches and general nausea as well, which can leave you feeling even more drained.


Noticing a difference in sensation in your toes and fingers may not register as a problem at first. However, this is one sign of brain trauma that often goes unnoticed. If you sense you are increasingly uncoordinated or tired, then you may need some medical help.