How can truckers drive defensively?

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

Defensive driving may help you minimize the negative repercussions of a truck crash in Kentucky. Due to the sheer size of your truck, you must remain alert at all times.

Your ability to recognize hazards before it is too late may help protect you while driving. Paying attention to specific behaviors can improve your confidence in driving defensively.

Follow traffic laws

In particular, traffic laws and speed limits take into account the environment, traffic patterns, and federal regulations to determine a safe driving speed. According to Smart Trucking, driving too fast is one of the most common dangers of your job. Remembering that a large truck requires a lot to slow down can help you stay mindful of the need to allow yourself plenty of space and time to respond to road hazards.

When preparing to leave on a job, familiarize yourself with your cargo so you can adjust your driving behaviors as needed. A heavy load may require additional thought including careful lane changes and cautious navigation of curves so your cargo does not shift suddenly which can cause you to lose control. Slow down when entering or exiting a highway or when going through construction zones. Stay mindful of the weather and where possible, try to plan your route to avoid inclement weather.

Be observant

Your mirrors can provide you with more visibility than you have from simply looking around. Try to watch out for blind spots and use your signals to notify other drivers of your intentions. Constantly scan the road around you and in front of you to identify potential hazards in enough time to respond accordingly.

If you have suffered a debilitating injury as the result of a truck accident, the outcome may bring life-changing challenges. Overcoming these obstacles may require time and the support of a legal representative to help you advocate for your rights.