What do car accident victims need to know about insurance?

| Jun 10, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

After an accident on the road that causes serious injury, people may wonder about how to pursue compensation and how much they may seek. A number of factors will bear on what a motor vehicle accident victim can recover.

People should be aware of some important variables relating to both car insurance as well health insurance compensation. Here are a few things that they need to consider before pursuing a legal remedy.

Auto insurance

Drivers in Kentucky have the option to opt out of the state’s no-fault insurance system. The state requires drivers to carry Personal Injury Protection Coverage, but the minimum coverage is $10,000. If a person’s medical expenses exceed their coverage amount or they have opted out of no-fault coverage and have considerable expenses, they may initiate a claim to recoup the rest of their costs.

Medical insurance

Even when insurance pays for some or all of people’s hospital bills, they may be able to collect all of their medical expenses. It is worth noting, however, that an insurance carrier may attempt to recover what it has paid from an award for damages or a settlement agreement. Likewise, a hospital that has not received full payment may attempt to recover outstanding obligations from a legal action. Of course, depending on an insurance policy’s benefits, people are likely to have expenses that health insurance will not cover.

Ultimately, auto insurance coverage and health insurance may have a significant role in how people manage the aftermath of an accident. Nevertheless, coverage will not preclude getting compensation.


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