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Do you have a case after a car accident?

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When a car crash happens in Kentucky, is there a finding of fault? Under the current laws, each driver is responsible for his or her damage after a crash, regardless of who caused the crash.

What does this mean if the damage to one driver is severe enough to warrant extended medical care? Even in a no-fault state, drivers who cause a crash may become liable for paying the medical bills of the other. Find out how these types of cases form.

Filing for PIP reimbursement

The law requires drivers to carry personal injury protection or PIP to pay for medical bills and lost pay after a crash. The lowest coverage amount is $10,000, and drivers who need it find that it is far too low to cover their injuries.

Filing a claim against the other driver

Kentucky law does not bar an innocent driver from filing a claim against the other, even though it is a no-fault state. When bodily damage far exceeds the innocent driver’s PIP coverage, this course of action may become necessary to ensure medical care continues. Even if the injured driver is partially responsible, so long as the other driver carries more of the liability, a lawsuit is appropriate to cover medical and lost wages.

When considering a lawsuit against another driver, hiring an attorney sooner rather than later may prove beneficial. The guidance a lawyer provides may help ease a difficult process and get just financial compensation for the person who needs it most.