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What should business owners do if you fall on their premises?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Personal Injury |

While shopping at a Kentucky-based business, you took a tumble and hurt yourself. The employees helped you up, and the owner contacted you about your injuries, but did the person cover all necessary bases?

Chron describes how business owners should respond when a customer falls on their premises. Find out whether the property owner took every reasonable step to protect your personal injury case.

Medical attention

Did you receive medical help after your fall? Business owners should keep injured customers comfortable and as still as possible. Even if you felt fine after your fall, you may have delayed injuries, so seek medical attention on your own to be sure.

Fall site investigation

When customers slip and fall inside a store, the owner or manager should inspect the site to determine what led to the incident. The issue could be loose carpeting or flooring, or perhaps you tripped over a loose cord. Even if you hurt yourself because of melting snow, ice or rain in a public space outside the business’s control, you may still have a personal injury case against a responsible party.

Incident report

Businesses should work with injured customers to create incident reports. Specifically, the store owner should note your name, conditions that led to the tumble, where you fell and whether you sustained injuries. If anyone witnessed what happened, the business should take that person’s statement. The owner may take pictures of the accident site and your injuries to establish fault.

Hopefully, you make a full recovery after your accident. To better ensure your financial recovery from resulting medical bills, make sure the business owner takes proper responsibility for what happened.