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Accident involving children results in a month-long hospital stay

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2021 | Personal Injury |

It is thanks to the diligent work of medical professionals that so many serious injuries in Kentucky result in a positive recovery. In the case of traumatic accidents that involve head or brain injuries, the road to recovery may be long and there is no guaranteeing a return to normal. 

As WKYT-TV reports, an accident in November left a child in need of severe surgery and medical intervention to save his life. 

An accident with a mom and two kids

In mid-November, a vehicle struck the car of a mother and her two children. The driver of the first vehicle crossed lanes and struck the mother’s car, and sustained non-life-threatening injuries where emergency services hospitalized her. The youngest of the two boys stayed in the hospital for a day, but the oldest received multiple fractures, a midline shift of the brain and bruising on the brain. 

A positive recovery thanks to expert resources

The 6-year-old remained at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center for a month after spending a week in a medically induced coma to reduce brain swelling. Much of his time in the hospital involved physical, occupational, and speech therapy. 

It is unknown when the hospital will discharge the boy, but his recovery appears to impress the doctors. Thanks to their help and resources, this 6-year-old has a life ahead of him still. But all this comes at a cost to the family. An injury to one member of the family may put pressure on everyone as all involved adjusts to the new normal and tackles the work ahead of paying down the medical bills. 

The report does not mention whether the accident turned out to be the result of negligence or otherwise, but anyone in a case like this deserves fair compensation for their pain.