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What happens if you lose consciousness in a crash?

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

A car accident usually occurs unexpectedly with minimal warning. You may not realize what happened until well after it ends. Waking up to find you were in a crash is a sign that you lost consciousness.

Paramedics follow enhanced protocol when treating someone who lost consciousness.  Why is this significant? Discover what type of injury you may have lurking beneath the surface and why immediate care is crucial.

A sign of a head injury

Losing consciousness in a crash indicates that you may have suffered a head injury. Even if there is no outward sign that this is the case, the loss of consciousness tells medical personnel otherwise. Concussions in crashes can occur by hitting the head on any number of surfaces in the vehicle. However, you may not have struck your head, but still have a brain injury. The force of an accident may prove severe enough that the brain moves about inside the skull, causing bruising, bleeding and swelling.

A more severe injury

Many head injuries may resolve with immediate medical intervention and treatment. Doctors may use various methods to help the brain heal, but closely monitoring even a mild brain injury is crucial to ensure you do not stop breathing, have a seizure or suffer a brain bleed. When the damage is severe, doctors may classify it as a traumatic brain injury. The consequences of a TBI may severely alter your life and cause permanent damage, including issues such as:

  • Cognitive issues
  • Memory loss
  • Anxiety
  • headaches
  • Depression

A car crash can do more than cause an inconvenience. You may find that your temporary blackout was the result of a brain injury.