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What senior riders can do to reduce bike injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Believe it or not, seniors make up a big part of the cycling demographic. Many seniors choose to ride for exercise, while others prefer it as a more sustainable method of transportation. Unfortunately, bike accidents remain disturbingly high in America. As people age, their bodies grow less resilient. This can make seniors more susceptible to serious bike injuries.

Drivers in Kentucky do not seem ready to share the road with cyclists and are struggling to adapt to the growth of two-wheeled, non-motorized vehicles on the roadways. While they learn to adapt, there are a few things cyclists might consider to better protect themselves.

Always wear a helmet

When drivers fail to notice a cyclist and crash into them, the rider has much less protection against injuries than the driver. It is an unfair match, to begin with, but studies suggest that cyclists can improve their odds by always wearing a helmet. The NHTSA reminds cyclists that not only should they wear good helmets, but they should also ensure helmits fit properly.

Wear reflective clothing

Most cyclists ride during the daytime. Riding at night requires lighting equipment and can prove dangerous, even without cars to think about. CNN recommends wearing reflective clothing to improve a biker’s visibility to drivers, especially drivers who might forget to turn their headlights on. Adding reflective pieces to a bike can also prove helpful.

The bottom line

Despite the high risk of injury while riding a bike, especially on public streets, researchers encourage riders to not let drivers scare them away from biking. There are too many benefits to give up the sport entirely, even if it means sticking to bike-only areas, such as trails. Researchers believe that, in time, more cities and states will invest in more bike lanes and biking trails.