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What factors lead to a truck accident?

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

As a truck driver, you have a responsibility to be aware of how to maneuver your vehicle in traffic.

Learning more about what common situations lead to a crash can help you to keep yourself and others safe.

Bodily health

In the blink of an eye, one bad decision can cause a wreck. Sleeping and eating well are two of the biggest factors in a driver’s health to prevent these mistakes.

Without proper nutrition or sleep, it could be very easy to become distracted and let your mind wander while in the middle of a long drive. Legally, there are standards for how long a worker should stay on the road without stopping. Following these are a priority, not only for yourself but for others.

Vehicle standards

One of the most important aspects of trucking is the quality of your vehicle. Tires, airbags, brakes, and other parts of the truck must be up to date and fully functional at all times. It can be helpful to double check these before embarking on a long trip.

Sometimes, a situation arises where the manufacturer of a truck is at fault. If a truck malfunctions while on the road, there may be a case for product liability.


Often, truckers face stringent deadlines. It may seem tempting to carry more pounds of items in a trip than safely recommended, but doing so can lead to trouble. Placing too much on a truck leads to reduced braking power and can damage important parts of your vehicle due to stress. Items may also fall off suddenly while traveling if they are not properly suspended, which can cause a wreck.