4 tips for keeping your pets safe while you drive

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Every day you probably see dogs hanging their heads out of car windows with their tongues rolling and a grin on their faces. Every once in a while, you may notice a cat sitting in the back of a car looking out the window, watching the world fly by.

You love taking your pets on outings. A day of hiking or play fetch at the dog park beats being stuck inside cleaning the house. However, to get to the fun, your animal companions need to be safe on the way there. The state of Kentucky does not currently have a law that requires your pet to wear a harness. However, do not let your pet be a distraction while you drive.

  1. Always restrain your pets.

Buy a crate or safety harness that meets crash safety standards. An unsafe crate can come apart during an accident, causing an animal harm by ejection or flying debris.

  1. Do not put your pets in the truck bed.

A collision or even slamming on the brakes puts them in danger of falling out of the back.

  1. Do not let dogs stick their heads out of the window.

Strong winds can blow objects into their eyes and ears, causing injury. As well, having their heads hanging out of the window can impede your view of vehicles around you.

  1. Never let your pets sit in your lap while you are driving.

When you have a pet on your lap you are focusing on the animal. While you are petting your cat or trying to get to get your poodle under control, you are not paying attention to the road or the cars around you.

According to a AAA-sponsored survey, 29 people admitted to pets distracting them while driving. More than half of these were petting their animal, and 4% even acknowledged playing with them while behind the wheel.

Keep your pet safe in your vehicle, which in turn allows you to keep your eyes on the road. Do not let your pet to be a distraction so you can avoid accidents and all enjoy a day out.