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How to stay safe on rural roads

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Rural roads may seem much less dangerous than busy freeways because there isn’t as much traffic. This is not true, almost 75% of all fatal rollover accidents occur on rural roads.

Because the risk is high, drivers need to be especially careful when traveling on rural roads. There has been a recent increase in the number of vehicle and train collisions.

Trains are becoming a threat to Kentuckians’ safety

In the United States, a vehicle or person collides with a train every three hours. Drivers must watch out for train tracks and oncoming trains. In many cases, drivers carelessly crossed train tracks or attempted to beat the train but were unsuccessful.

Drivers must note that a train cannot stop, it is always the vehicle driver’s responsibility to stop for a train. Trains legally have the right of way at all railroad crossings.

Other dangers drivers may face on rural roads

  • Tractors and large machinery. On particularly windy or curved roads, it may be hard to spot a large tractor before it approaches. It is important to be aware that tractors may pose a risk. They travel very slowly which may cause you to slam on your breaks. The machinery is also very big and can take up a large portion of the road. You do not want to quickly swerve around it.
  • Deer or other creatures. In areas with less traffic, it is common for deer to jump in front of a vehicle. Cats, raccoons, possums and other small animals may also dart across the road. Make sure you do not swerve, slow down as quick as you can. Hitting the animal may be better than hitting an oncoming car or obstacle.
  • Hidden driveways. On rural roads, there may be hidden driveways that do not give you or the other vehicle much visibility. At night you might want to use your high beam lights to help you see and to help others see you.

So far this year 553 people have been on Kentucky roads. Drivers must pay attention to their surrounds and drive as cautiously and defensively as possible. You never know what will happen on rural roads.