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A Trusted Legal Advocate Helps After A Truck Crash

Motor vehicle collisions are scary. The resulting injuries often cause physical pain, financial strain and emotional exhaustion. Wrecks involving trucks are particularly upsetting because the injuries involved are often serious, if not catastrophic. Richard M. Rawdon, Jr. Attorney at Law understands the significance of crashes involving trucks.

Advocating, Vocalizing And Prioritizing Your Needs

So how can a lawyer help after a trucking wreck? Richard M. Rawdon is always on the cutting edge of knowledge, and uses his experience and knowledge to advocate for victims in an individualized way that big-city lawyers don't.

Mr. Rawdon will personally assist with the following:

  • He will investigate the accident.
  • He will examine the trucking company.
  • He will initiate, handle and complete paperwork.
  • He will advocate for the care you need.
  • He will speak to insurance companies.
  • He will file a personal injury lawsuit.
  • He will fight for you.
  • He will keep fighting for you.

After a collision with a truck, your voice needs to be heard. A good attorney will be your voice, advocate and strength in the fight to obtain the money and justice you deserve. You have your recovery to focus on. You won't battle alone, and with knowledgeable counsel next to you, you won't.

Experience You Can Count On

Mr. Rawdon has 50 years of experience assisting injury victims. He uses that experience, but also continues to learn, train and grow to help victims fight for justice. Much like training for his marathons, Mr. Rawdon continues to expand his knowledge, strategies and performance in order to provide unique, adequate representation that you can trust. If you, or someone you love, suffered a semitruck injury, contact Richard M. Rawdon today. Call his Georgetown, Kentucky, office at 502-316-6509 to get a partner in your pursuit for compensation and justice. The friendly staff at Rawdon Law Office are ready to take your call.

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